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​Sacred Language of Light Pictographs & Cards...​​

 "As the mind explores the creation and symbols:
It is lead to ideas that lie beyond the grasp of reason"

The Sacred Language of Light Pictographs are an intelligence with each symbol, sacred geometry, ancient & star language holding an energy of crystalline light structure that permeates the cellular memory assisting us to remember and clear the patterns that no longer serve us. The pictographs harmonize color tones into mantra-type patterns that can be retained by the spiritual mind. The Light Language pictographs assist with the communication exchange between the human body and it's Higher Self body. They communicate the higher spiritual wisdoms to the brain providing us with a new circulatory system for linkage with our Higher -Selves. Through these projected geometries of light,  language was given a greater meaning and  versatility for understanding life.
Each pictograph chosen is personal to the individual. Create a special relationship with your pictograph and let it reveal it's message to you...what do you feel, see, hear and experience?

Choose your pictograph that speaks to you.... OR... Let me choose one for you.
Each one contains it's own message and healing properties.

Prints with one layer 3D Paper-Toled (meaning raised up) $125.99 inc $12.00 S&H
Greeting Cards & Envelope- $ 8.95 ea inc $2.25 S&H



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