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I am a New Zealand Native , a natural born psychic medium, clairvoyant & clairaudient, and have traveled extensively throughout the world sharing my intuitive gifts. From a very early age

I was aware that the other realms were contacting and working with me, and this began my own spiritual journey into the other worlds and came personally to the understanding that we are not our stories and can make new choices because we deserve something better.

Over the past 40 years my Inner Life Psychic Readings, Personal, Couples and Business Coaching, Inner Life Force and Diet Workshops has touched the hearts, and healed many karmic and ancestral stories for my clients both in the USA and overseas.

My varied life experiences have greatly assisted those that have sought my

Intuitive Life Coaching methods.
I am also a grief therapist/medium, connecting with your loved ones and friends who have crossed over, helping you to come to terms with the passing.

As I hold the belief that our inner and outer worlds must be in harmony, I have found that my Home/Business harmonizing process became a perfect fit for my work.
The ancient principles of the Sacred language of light have encouraged thousands to embrace their enviroments and make neccessary changes to create spiritual growth,

love and prosperity in their lives and their families.

I have a varied and extensive background in Holistic Health/Metaphysics/Paranormal, including hostingmy own radio show, lecturing on metaphysical subjects, and producing
Holistic Expositions and Music/Spiritual Events.
I have loved performing,teaching dance, music, storytelling through poetry and the pictographs.
My poetry has been published in a "Treasury of Famous Poems" and
"The Falling Rain Poetry Collection".
There are  two up-coming books soon to be available.

  Thank you for visiting with me today!​

 About Shannar

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Mt Shasta USA

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